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South Florida Architects

South Florida architects and architectural firms are listed by city in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County.

Broward County Architects & Architectural Firms:

A & F Architectural Design, Inc

Hollywood  954-965-5291

ACAI Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-484-4000

Ace Blueprinting, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-771-2537

Adache Group Architects, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-8133

ALC Building Consultants Of Florida

Plantation  954-370-3883

Allica Architectural Group

Wilton Manors  954-563-5320

American Institute Of Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-728-9690

Andy Share & Associates

Sunrise  954-634-4053

Anthony Abbate AIA

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-8596


Coral Springs  954-755-9885


Pompano Beach  954-804-8849

Architects & Associates

Hollywood  954-922-8111

Architects International

Hollywood  954-893-7212

Architectural Alliance

Fort Lauderdale  954-764-8858

Architectural Design Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-522-1667

Architectural Elements & Design

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-8830

Architectural Partnership

Hollywood  954-981-5501

Architecture Dynamics

Sunrise  954-634-4050

Architecture Group, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-946-6710

Architecture, Inc.

Sunrise  954-835-2223

ArcWerks Incorporated

Davie  954-252-2644

Arevalo Architecture

Sunrise  954-732-1038

Aronson & Associates

Hollywood  954-985-2600

Arquis Design Group

Hollywood  954-922-6332

Artchitect Dot Com

Pompano Beach  954-783-0998

Arthur S. Bengochea

Fort Lauderdale  954-527-0014

Atlantic Blueprint Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-4004

B & B Interior Systems, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-581-0713

Barr Architectural Studio, Inc.

Davie  954-418-2277

Barranco Gonzalez Architecture

Fort Lauderdale  954-961-7675

Basilica Design

Davie  954-252-2877

Berrie Architecture & Design

Fort Lauderdale  954-928-0635

Blakely-Ward-Stuckey & Associates

Pompano Beach  954-781-8422

Blue Presentation

Sunrise  954-784-0089

Brown & Brown Architects

Plantation  954-792-1800

BTM Architects, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-767-2122

Cartaya & Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-771-2724

Charles J. Schweickert, AIA

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-6258

Construction Associates Services, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-969-0666

CPZ Architects, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-792-8525

Creative Art & Design, Inc.

Hollywood  954-454-1195

D K Architects

Pompano Beach  954-941-3329

Dami Design Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-680-2266

Daniel C. Gonzalez, Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-610-8464

David M. Rosenthal

Plantation  954-797-4972

De Bahm, Inc.

Davie  954-473-8225

Design Kollaborative Architects / Planners

Pompano Beach  954-941-3329

Design Odysey 2001

Coral Springs  954-344-8680

Design Tech 2000

Plantation  954-321-0402

DF Zimmer, AIA, Architect & Planner

Fort Lauderdale  954-467-7400

Donald J. Seidler

Hollywood  954-923-6850

Donald Lee Morris & Associates, P.A.

Coral Springs  954-344-73

Drawing Conclusions, LLC

Fort Lauderdale  954-701-0698

E T W & Associates

Plantation  954-584-1221

Edwin Evalle Architectural Illustrator

Sunrise  954-746-4114

Engel & Associates

Davie  954-791-4810

Ereg Imre Architects, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-510-0423

Evoke Design Lab

Fort Lauderdale  954-383-9139

Fairchild Molina Architects, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-713-6101

Falkanger Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-764-3233

Fathi Architects, Inc.

Plantation  954-423-4447

Frank Costoya Architects

Davie  954-680-4440

Friese Design Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-1344

G Batista & Associates

Cooper City  954-434-2053

Gallo Herbert Lebolo Architects

Deerfield Beach  954-794-0300

George Keen Landscape Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-763-4770

Gerald Belgrave & Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-298-2540

GLE Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-968-6414

Goldenholz & Associates

Sunrise  954-742-0797

Gomez Associates

Plantation  954-797-6220

Gregg Jones Architect

Coral Springs  954-755-0565

Gustavo J. Carbonell, AIA

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-6565

Innovative Group, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-781-7800

J & F Enterprises

Sunrise  954-578-3310

Jeffrey Evans & Associates

Davie  954-474-6974

Jorge M. Hernandez

Hollywood  954-923-0273

Joseph Masullo Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-568-6009

Kenneth Bosted, AIA

Davie  954-321-5912

Kerwin Naval Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-9013

Kosinski Architecture

Fort Lauderdale  954-627-6988

LaFlamme Architectural Design

Davie  954-915-8885

Lee Moldoff Architects and Associates

Pompano Beach  954-344-0550

Leo Hansen Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-8925

Leo Singleton

Davie  954-441-1600

Leon Wechsler Architect, Inc.

Hollywood  954-926-7825

M R Burggraf

Wilton Manors  954-566-2281

Mark Engel Architect

Davie  954-791-4810

Martin Carlos Architects, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-979-2650

Maurice Menasche, AIA - Architecture & Design

Davie  954-474-8540

Michael Oliver Architect

Coral Springs  954-757-7366

Michael Pirich Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-4833

Miguel DeDiego

Hollywood  954-926-3358

MS Architects, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-3096

New Urban Renassiance Design

Fort Lauderdale  954-764-4716

O C V Architects

Pompano Beach  954-943-5190

Oakwood Valley Home Design

Davie  954-915-0288

O'Donnell Dannwolf & Partners, Architects Inc.

Hollywood  954-518-0833

Oscar I. Garcia A.I.A.

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-1090

Oscar Vagi & Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-760-4321

PA Design Group

Davie  954-581-4784

Pam Rosenbloom Architecture

Pompano Beach  954-465-7201

Pasquale Kuritzey Architecture

Fort Lauderdale  954-322-0184

Paul Morgan Lighting Design

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-0951

Peter DeWick & Associates

Davie  954-792-4023

Pierce Architectural Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-763-4668

Plan Art Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-3100

Prints By Design

Sunrise  954-634-4054

Pyramid Design

Pompano Beach  954-971-1966

Ram Design

Sunrise  954-748-5661

RHA Chartered

Pompano Beach  954-917-0771

Richard A. Baker

Fort Lauderdale  954-527-4586

Richard Geldbaugh Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-764-8880

Riesco Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-832-9028

Robert Decamillo Architect

Fort Lauderdale  954-771-2820

Robert McDonald & Associates

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-6225

Ronald I. Kall & Associates

Plantation  954-476-8885

Russell C. Chase Architecture, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-467-7892

S H Brandt & Assoc.

Lighthouse Point  954-564-2111

Santayana Design

Coral Springs  954-757-6044

Saval Architecture

Wilton Manors  954-385-2100

Schachne Architecture & Builders

Davie  954-236-9660

Serengetti Architecture

Plantation  954-797-2885

Seymour Baumgartner

Wilton Manors  954-566-2281

Simon Architectural Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-7298

Singer Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-5672

Smith Associates Landscape & Architecture

Fort Lauderdale  954-763-2791

South East Architectural Service

Plantation  954-771-6050

Stanley N. Schachne

Davie  954-236-9660

Steven L. Cohen & Associates

Plantation  954-452-9004

Storrs Architect, PA

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-0089

The Madfis Group

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-0833

Thibeaux Architecture, Inc.

Davie  954-791-1980

Thomas Laubenthal Landscape Architects

Plantation  954-327-1955

Tillberg Design

Fort Lauderdale  954-761-1097

Tropical Coast Building & Design

Coral Springs  954-796-2422

Urban State Development

Fort Lauderdale  954-370-6300

Vanishing Point Studio

Plantation  954-822-0558

Walter Walters, AIA

Fort Lauderdale  954-522-4123

Zelch & McMahon Architects

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-0975

Miami-Dade County Architects & Architectural Firms:

Miami Beach  305-344-3447

Miros Scheib, Architect

Miami Beach  305-864-9924

VEE Architecture Corp.

Miami  305-482-0151

Palm Beach County Architects & Architectural Firms:

Architect Stergas & Associates, AIA

Tequesta  561-575-3360

Architectural & Design Services of South Florida

Lake Worth  561-716-2414

HNM Architecture, LLC

Delray Beach  561-733-2225

K & T Fireplaces

West Palm Beach  561-798-8486

KCA Design Group, Inc.

Boca Raton  561-361-0577

Kimberly A. Dellastatious, P.A,

Lantana  561-582-5622

Kring Architects

Palm Beach Gardens  561-882-0483

Sloan and Sloan - Architecture

Delray Beach  561-243-8755

Turnkey Concepts, Inc.

Boynton Beach  561-732-0032


Boynton Beach  305-788-7001

Village Architects AIA, Inc.

Tequesta  561-743-4959

Tip: South Florida Architects design homes, offices, and public buildings that are appropriate for the warm climate and active lifestyles of Floridians.