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South Florida Building Materials

South Florida building materials suppliers are listed by city in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties. For more information on individual companies is use the list of cities on the right.

Broward County Building Material Suppliers:

A A A Steel Fabricators

Pompano Beach  954-969-1712

A D F International

Fort Lauderdale  954-340-8854

A R Michael Company

Pompano Beach  954-977-0216

AAA Building Supply

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-7109

ABC Supply Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-938-7760

Acacia Millwork, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-781-7272

Ace Hardware

Pompano Beach  954-942-3961

All American Window and Door

Pompano Beach  954-786-8525

All Concrete Supplies

Davie  954-327-4427

All Purpose Concrete

Fort Lauderdale  954-970-8533

All Steel & Gypsum

Fort Lauderdale  954-587-1900

All Surplus, Inc.

Oakland Park  954-567-0977

Allied Building Products

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-1158

Almar Millwork

Pompano Beach  954-957-8746

American Cast Stone

Pompano Beach  954-956-8786

American Concrete

Hollywood  954-961-1984

American Granite & Marble

Pompano Beach  954-946-7775

American Pre-Cast

Fort Lauderdale  954-510-4848

American Seal Company

Pompano Beach  954-972-9193

Antique Architectural Salvage

Margate  954-975-9000

Antique Wood Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-621-4281

Archer Steel Fabricators

Fort Lauderdale  954-791-3771

Architectural Art-Crete

Fort Lauderdale  954-983-1234

Architectural Foam Supply

Pompano Beach  954-943-6949

Artistic Building Accents

Pompano Beach  954-946-6525

Artistic Columns

Pompano Beach  954-974-8200

Artistic Statuary

Pompano Beach  954-975-9533

Atlantic Coast Precast

Oakland Park  954-564-6245

Atlantic Discount Carpet & Tile

Margate  954-979-1550

Atlantic Truss Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-491-3310

Aurea Floor

Davie  954-473-2444

Banaszak Concrete Corporation

Fort Lauderdale  954-475-9200

Banner Supply Company

Pompano Beach  954-781-2399

Bella Granite

Pompano Beach  954-969-2877

Best Concrete

Davie  954-472-1759

BR Stone Co.

Pompano Beach  954-984-7007

Brasperola Tile, Marble & Wood

Margate  954-970-1996

Brick America

Fort Lauderdale  954-374-0660

Broward Marble & Granite

Oakland Park  954-561-5502

Broward Wholesale Flooring

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-1401

Builder's Bargain Surplus, Inc.

Oakland Park  954-564-7375

Bushnell Steel Construction

Dania  954-921-2500

CanAm Steel Fabricators

Oakland Park  954-938-5800

Cap Form

Davie  954-583-6058

Carefree Concrete Borders

Hollywood  954-981-0700

Causeway Lumber Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-763-1224

Central Concrete Supermix

Pembroke Pines  954-434-2397

Classic Decorative Hardware

Fort Lauderdale  954-491-5600

Clay Metal & Stone

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-9489

CM Tile

Margate  954-977-7204

Commercial Concrete Restoration Service

Hollywood  954-924-0440

Commercial Forming Group

Pompano Beach  954-970-7671

Commercial Painting & Waterproofing

Fort Lauderdale  954-973-4797

Concrete Impressions Of Florida

Pompano Beach  954-784-8005

Concrete Reinforcing Products

Hollywood  954-893-6627

Continental Concrete

Fort Lauderdale  954-581-1339

Continental Concrete

Pembroke Pines  954-680-1828

Costal Welding & Fabrication

Oakland Park  954-938-7933

Country Floors

Dania  954-925-4004

County Concrete

Pompano Beach  954-788-7070

County Concrete & Construction

Davie  954-327-0211

Creative Stone

Fort Lauderdale  954-977-5928

Creative Surfaces

Hollywood  954-894-5102

Custom Surfaces By Design

Pompano Beach  954-788-1254

D & W Concrete Products

Pompano Beach  954-974-0620

DA Concrete

Oakland Park  954-486-3445

Davie Concrete Corporation

Davie  954-583-4611

Deco Crete

Pembroke Pines  954-441-9209

Deco Granite & Marble

Hollywood  954-894-3230

Dee Shoring Of Florida

Fort Lauderdale  954-567-0020

Discount Asphalt & Brick Pavers

Pembroke Pines  954-423-4669

Dixie Clamp & Scaffold

Oakland Park  954-563-5741

Dixie Plywood & Lumber

Fort Lauderdale  954-583-6551

Doby Seacoast Supply

Pembroke Pines  954-433-2122

Dolphin Concrete

Pompano Beach  954-946-2270

Eagle Marble & Granite

Pompano Beach  954-788-7009

East Coast Door

Pompano Beach  954-941-3754

East Coast Supply

Fort Lauderdale  954-776-5110

Elite Contractor Supply

Pompano Beach  954-971-5663

Epicore Structural Slab Systems Of South Florida

Davie  954-723-0027

Euro Tile

Margate  954-243-1244

Fibercrete of Florida

Fort Lauderdale  954-761-8555

Floor Store

Margate  954-721-7163

Florida Silica Sand Company

Dania  954-923-8323

Foam Factory

Fort Lauderdale  954-485-6700

Form Concepts

Fort Lauderdale  954-522-6588

Form Works

Fort Lauderdale  954-587-0530

Foundation Contractors

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-7285

G & E Florida Contractors

Dania  954-961-8383

General Hardwoods & Millwork

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-2577

General Purpose Steel

Pompano Beach  954-970-7770

Granite & Marble

Davie  954-236-2624

Granite Land

Margate  954-973-2557

Gulf Atlantic Lumber Sales

Hollywood  954-728-9948

Hall Metal Corporation

Pompano Beach  954-943-0976

Hammond Screens

Dania  954-920-3311

Heavner Concrete

Fort Lauderdale  954-943-1060

Hitech Welding

Fort Lauderdale  954-779-3881

Independent Millwork Supply

Pompano Beach  954-788-8677

Inter Decor Products

Pembroke Pines  954-981-2622

Keeman Brick & Supply Company

Pompano Beach  954-972-3141

Keys Granite

Dania  954-920-6331

Kingstone Creations

Oakland Park  954-630-9507

Kitchen Cabinets By Doors

Hollywood  954-967-6543

L W H Concrete Construction

Davie  954-792-1880

Laser Manufacturing & Services

Fort Lauderdale  954-485-5530

Lauderdale Lumber Company

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-6333

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Davie  954-680-8667

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Oakland Park  954-630-9550

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse

Pembroke Pines  954-624-1900

M & M Concrete Pumping

Pompano Beach  954-975-4000

Marble & Art International

Pembroke Pines  954-430-3303

Marble & Granite Connection, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-783-2118

McKinsey Steel & Supply

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-7055

Metro Mix Of South Florida

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-9220

Mexican Tile & Imports

Dania  954-923-6534

Moreland Concrete

Fort Lauderdale  954-943-7693

Morgan Concrete Specialists

Hollywood  954-989-5111

Paramount Concrete Products

Pompano Beach  954-946-3923

Parkway Marble & Granite

Oakland Park  954-566-3504

Precast Steps & Stones

Oakland Park  954-535-1880

Precast Wall Systems

Fort Lauderdale  954-973-1635

Proulx Building Materials

Hollywood  954-327-3465

Quality Truss, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-975-4040

Rebar Engineering

Oakland Park  954-739-7711

Restoration Technology

Fort Lauderdale  954-927-5377

Rinker Materials

Hollywood  954-987-0204

Rinker Materials

Oakland Park  954-776-5202

Robust Building Systems, Inc.

Hollywood  954-986-9449

Rock Construction

Fort Lauderdale  954-587-2007

Rome Supply Corp.

Margate  954-972-1941

Rosen Building Supplies

Fort Lauderdale  954-735-6900

S & P Architectural Products

Margate  954-968-9953

Safeway Services

Pompano Beach  954-974-4090

Service World

Hollywood  954-923-5115

Sheridan Lumber Company

Hollywood  954-920-8079

Silva Construction Materials

Fort Lauderdale  954-797-9006

Skyline Steel

Fort Lauderdale  954-968-1912

Skyward Construction Services

Margate  954-968-8060

Solar Manufacturing

Pompano Beach  954-973-8488

South Florida Decorative Concrete

Pompano Beach  954-783-3817

Southern Construction Services

Hollywood  954-929-3549

Sovereign Construction Services

Fort Lauderdale  954-942-9942

Specialty Supplies

Dania  954-922-8804

Star-Seal of Florida, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-484-8402

Steel Traders

Fort Lauderdale  954-769-9156

Stuart Lumber Company

Pompano Beach  954-978-8900

Stucco Supplies

Pompano Beach  954-978-8226

Sun Metals and Supply

Pompano Beach  954-785-0880

Suncoast Roofers Supply

Pompano Beach  954-969-4997

Sunset Concrete Products

Fort Lauderdale  954-972-0764

Sunshine Ready Mix Concrete

Pembroke Pines  954-431-3880

Symons Corporation

Dania  954-921-7997

Tarmac America

Fort Lauderdale  954-436-5490

Tied Right Steel

Davie  954-327-0350

Tile International

Dania  954-920-7445

Tile Master

Fort Lauderdale  954-938-4311

TM Window & Doors

Pompano Beach  954-781-4430

Total Building Supply

Pompano Beach  954-782-5255

Tri-County Building Specialties

Fort Lauderdale  954-977-6606

Tropic Building Supplies

Pembroke Pines  954-989-1664

TWS Fabricators

Davie  954-581-4755

UCI Paints

Fort Lauderdale  954-581-6060

URO Tile

Margate  954-243-0144

US Concrete Products

Fort Lauderdale  954-973-0368

Valley Joist

Pembroke Pines  954-433-4767

Weyerhaeuser Company

Pompano Beach  954-946-5111

Wire Products, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-1477

World Of Stone International

Oakland Park  954-202-6226

Miami-Dade County Building Material Suppliers:

Brite LED Lighting

Miami  786-563-3160

Deco Truss

Miami  305-257-1910

Stormproof Windows & Doors

Miami  305-418-8787

Palm Beach County Building Material Suppliers:

Coastal Supply Company

Delray Beach  561-276-2386

Premier Stoneworks

Delray Beach  561-330-3737


Boynton Beach  561-433-4148

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Local building contractors use South Florida building material suppliers for the concrete, bricks, lumber, windows, doors and other supplies needed to build a home or commercial building in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County.