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South Florida Condominiums

South Florida Condominiums, are listed by city in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. To find a condo listing in a given city simply click on the appropriate city link to the right.

Broward County Condominiums:

121 Golden Condominiums

Hallandale  954-458-1029

18th Hole Association

Lauderhill  954-733-9330

Alagon Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-9425

Alhambra Place

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-0325

Allington Towers

Hollywood  954-925-2551

Aloha Condos

Pompano Beach  954-943-7000

Ambassador South Condos

Hallandale  954-454-6787

Americas On The Park

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-7778

Anchor Bay Club

Hallandale  954-458-4885

Aqua-Mar Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-943-8800


Fort Lauderdale  954-565-4545

Aragon Condominiums

Sunrise  954-748-9613

Aristocrat Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-943-6640

Artesia Condominiums

Sunrise  954-838-0838

Ashleigh House

Hallandale  954-454-3113

Atlantic Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-5900

Barcelona Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-943-7323

Bay Colony Club

Fort Lauderdale  954-491-4040

Bayshore Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-9675

Berkley South Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-2284

Bermuda House

Pompano Beach  954-781-5522

Beverly Hills Condominiums

Hollywood  954-962-0121

Birch Pointe

Fort Lauderdale  954-760-4308

Birch Square

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-6561

Blue Lake Condominium, Inc.

Pompano Beach  954-946-4030

Blueberry Hill

Lauderhill  954-486-4805

Breakers Condos

Pompano Beach  954-942-4520

Breakwater Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-523-6636

Brentwood West Townhouse Condos

Davie  954-584-2287

Brookfield Square

Lauderhill  954-714-0010

Camelot Estates

Davie  954-452-7663

Caravel Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-7234

Carlton Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-8418

Carlyle Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-3700

Castle Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-486-4452

Century Plaza

Pompano Beach  954-946-7151

Christopher House Condos

Pompano Beach  954-946-6637

Circle One Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-733-7439

Clifton Condominiums

Hallandale  954-454-4311

Coastal Waterways Condos

Hallandale  954-454-5833

Commodore Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-9411

Condo Ridge

Davie  954-473-5344


Fort Lauderdale  954-564-4928

Corinthian Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-3839

Country Club Towers Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-771-1042

Country Pines

Davie  954-424-4010

Country Squire Town Homes

Sunrise  954-572-7674

Courtyard On The Park

Fort Lauderdale  954-761-3180

Cristelle Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-785-6141

Criterion Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-782-5201

Cromwell West Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-761-3174

Cross Fox

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-9310

Crystal Cove Condos

Hallandale  954-458-4136

Cypress Bend Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-971-5377

Cypress Creek

Fort Lauderdale  954-491-7587

Cypress Park Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-782-1884

Cypress Tree Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-484-5111

DeSoto Park Condominiums

Hallandale  954-456-0642

DeSoto Park North Condos

Hallandale  954-454-3134

Devonhunt Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-731-1569

Diplomat Oceanfront Residences

Hollywood  954-455-0354

Drake Tower

Fort Lauderdale  954-763-1205

East Point Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-880-8410

Embassy Tower I Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-1241

Environ Management Company

Lauderhill  954-733-9890

Environ Towers A Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-484-0593

Environ Towers II

Lauderhill  954-486-7894

Essex Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-467-3311

Fairways Royale Condominiums

Hallandale  954-458-0129

Five Coins Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-0541

Four Seasons Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-0644


Fort Lauderdale  954-563-2497

Galt Ocean Club Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-9795

Galt Ocean Manor Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-568-0507

Galt Ocean Terrace

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-1700

Galt Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-7268

Garden Aire Village

Pompano Beach  954-943-7720

Gardens By The Sea South Condos

Pompano Beach  954-785-4592

Golden Bay Manor

Hallandale  954-458-2541

Golden Horn Condominiums

Hallandale  954-454-2686

Golden Horn South Condominiums

Hallandale  954-458-3130

Golden Isles Towers

Hallandale  954-458-3630

Golden Surf Towers

Hallandale  954-454-6599

Grandview At Emerald Hills

Hollywood  954-983-7910

Greens of Inverrary

Lauderhill  954-484-1610

Habitat II Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-485-4497

Hallmark Condominiums

Hollywood  954-457-8311

Hampton Court

Hollywood  954-963-7370

Harbourage Place Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-779-1081

Harvest Condominiums

Davie  954-476-8784

Hemisphere Condominiums

Hallandale  954-454-4785

Heritage Circle

Pompano Beach  954-941-0502

Heritage Landings

Fort Lauderdale  954-229-9225

Hidden Cove Condominiums

Davie  954-316-9998

Hillcrest East Condos 21

Hollywood  954-966-1026

Hillcrest East Condos 23

Hollywood  954-962-1461

Hillcrest East Condos 24

Hollywood  954-966-4200

Hills Of Inverrary

Lauderhill  954-735-4263

Hillsboro Ocean Club

Pompano Beach  954-421-2400

Hollywood Gardens Condominiums I

Hollywood  954-989-6969

Hollywood Towers

Hollywood  954-923-3701

Horizon House Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-7932

Horizon Of Invarrary

Lauderhill  954-739-1623

Imperial Pointe Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-776-0780

Imperial Towers

Hallandale  954-454-8822

Imperial Towers Condos North

Hallandale  954-456-6770

Inverrary Gardens

Lauderhill  954-733-7300

Irvington Gardens

Hallandale  954-458-1464

Island Club

Pompano Beach  954-782-0711

Jackson Towers

Fort Lauderdale  954-523-6576

Jamaica House

Pompano Beach  954-943-5869

La Cascade Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-5443

La Mer Condominiums

Hallandale  954-458-4757

La Rive Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-2718

Lado Del Rio Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-786-1063

Lago Mar North Lodge Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-2057

Lake Mayan

Fort Lauderdale  954-522-4412

Lakeside Manor East Condos

Sunrise  954-777-5082

L'Ambiance Beach Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-9286

Las Olas Villa Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-9173

Las Vistas Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-731-5841

Le Club Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-568-0192

Leisure Beach Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-523-2195

Leisure Gardens

Pompano Beach  954-946-6180

Leisure House Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-6789

L'Hermitage Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-630-1602

Lindal Condominiums

Hallandale  954-457-7396

Luxury Resorts Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-630-1999

Majestic Gardens Condos

Lauderhill  954-731-9532

Malaga Towers

Hallandale  954-454-3870

Manors Of Inverrary Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-484-5757

Marine Tower Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-537-5519

Mariposa Condominiums

Hollywood  954-925-9736

Mark I Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-5792

Marlboro Estates Condos

Davie  954-792-0680

Meadowbrook Condominiums 10

Hallandale  954-458-0078

Nassau House

Pompano Beach  954-946-9352

North Leisure Gardens Condos

Pompano Beach  954-942-8386

Oaks Condominiums

Davie  954-792-7975

Ocean Club Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-2425

Ocean Colony Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-781-9670

Ocean Grande Beach Club Condos

Hollywood  954-920-5105

Ocean Heights Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-783-2032

Ocean Heritage Club Condos

Pompano Beach  954-943-4493

Ocean Monarch

Pompano Beach  954-941-9289

Ocean Palms Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-943-2470

Ocean Riviera Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-1631

Ocean Summit Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-6696

Oceanview Park Condominiums

Hallandale  954-456-8555

Olympus Condominiums

Hallandale  954-456-8886

Orleans Chateau and Villas Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-6123

Palm Haven Towers

Hollywood  954-921-0765

Palm Townhouse Condominiums

Hollywood  954-927-2621


Davie  954-916-4022

Palms Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-630-8888

Palms Tower 2 Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-9811

Paradise By the Sea Condominiums

Hallandale  954-457-3678

Paradise Villas

Hallandale  954-456-7205

Park South

Lauderhill  954-733-5456

Park Tower

Fort Lauderdale  954-566-0601

Parker Tower Condominiums

Hallandale  954-457-9605

Parksouth Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-733-5456

Pilot House Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-776-7543

Pine Crest Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-9409

Pine Island Ridge Condominiums

Davie  954-472-5939

Playa Del Mar

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-0990

Playa Del Sol Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-2507

Plaza East Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-5616

Plaza South

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-0777

Plaza Towers South Condominiums

Hallandale  954-456-2816

Point Of Americas Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-523-9333

Pompano Aegean Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-782-2600

Pompano Beach Club

Pompano Beach  954-781-3380

Port Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-880-8410

Portofino On The Intracoastal

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-4742

Prince George Condominiums

Hallandale  954-456-4660

Regency South

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-8554

Renaissance Condos of Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach  954-781-8200

Renaissance On The Ocean Condos

Hollywood  954-924-9120

Rio Espana Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-786-0023

Rio Nuevo

Fort Lauderdale  954-766-2914

Rivers Bend Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-3910

Riverside Towers

Pompano Beach  954-941-3817

Riviera Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-1631

Rolling Hills Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-473-9867

Royal Ambassador Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-4221

Royal Coast Condos

Pompano Beach  954-781-9790

Royal Mariner

Fort Lauderdale  954-772-3609

Royal Oaks Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-485-1907

Runaway Bay Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-0225

Sabal Palm Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-475-8844

Sea Colony

Pompano Beach  954-941-7654

Sea Haven

Pompano Beach  954-946-6259

Sea Monarch Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-781-0350

Sea Pointe Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-782-9423

Sea Ranch Condominiums B

Fort Lauderdale  954-785-5860

Sea Ranch Condos A

Fort Lauderdale  954-781-8711

Sea Ranch Condos C

Fort Lauderdale  954-785-9504

SeaPoint Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-782-9423

Season's Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-462-8902

Sheridan By The Beach

Hollywood  954-922-1972

Shore Club Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-561-2623

Silver Thach Ocean Club Condos

Pompano Beach  954-942-5280

Sky Harbor East

Fort Lauderdale  954-522-2801

Sky Ranch Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-786-1222

Southdale Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-767-8992


Fort Lauderdale  954-563-6353

Southport Townhomes Condos

Fort Lauderdale  954-524-3383

Stonebridge Gardens

Lauderhill  954-739-6082

Summit Towers Condominiums

Hollywood  954-925-3337

Sun Run Condominiums

Sunrise  954-749-3898

Sun Run II Condominiums

Sunrise  954-749-1719


Sunrise  954-742-5516

Sunrise East Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-9644

Sunrise Island

Sunrise  954-742-8254

Sunrise Lakes Condominiums

Sunrise  954-578-1505

Sunrise Lakes Phase III Condos

Sunrise  954-742-8476

Sunrise Springs Condominiums

Sunrise  954-742-2500

Sunrise Tower

Fort Lauderdale  954-565-2708

Surf Rider Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-785-8991

Tao Sawgrass Condominiums

Sunrise  877-288-8886

Telstar Condominiums

Hollywood  954-924-4566

Tiffany Gardens East

Pompano Beach  954-781-0430

Tradewinds Condos

Pompano Beach  954-781-3596

Trafalger Towers

Hollywood  954-927-2400

Vantage View Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-3155

Venetian Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-463-0071

Venzia Las Olas

Fort Lauderdale  954-525-0901

Victoria Palms

Fort Lauderdale  954-523-7168

Village Townhouse Condos

Pompano Beach  954-782-3960

Voyager Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-781-8499

Vue Residences & Beach Club

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-9390

Waterbury Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-785-6028

Watergate Condominiums

Hollywood  954-925-3391

White Egret Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-563-1941

Whitehall Condominiums

Davie  954-474-1472

Whitehall Condominiums II

Davie  954-472-7455

Wincast Arms

Pompano Beach  954-943-8057


Lauderhill  954-486-8179

Wittington Condominiums

Pompano Beach  954-946-7578

Woodhue Condominiums

Lauderhill  954-739-4664

Woods Condominiums

Fort Lauderdale  954-564-7754

Miami-Dade County Condominiums:

1500 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach  305-982-7560

Akoya Miami Beach

Miami Beach  305-982-7560

Le Parc at Brickell

Miami  305-373-5333

Palm Beach County Condominiums:

101 Lofts

West Palm Beach  561-385-1399

Courtyards at Cityplace

West Palm Beach  561-346-5594

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